...an old film camera

A photograph is forever and just a moment in time.  The camera is there in front of you, you're wondering what its first shot was, a face, a landscape, a street corner, was it hot or cold, sunny or rainy, who was that person way back when - but it’s a fleeting thought.  You pick up the camera and feel the metal and plastic, you’re drawn to it, connected to it in some strange but comfortable way.  

The camera’s weight now rests in the palm of your hand, you slowly compose and focus, allowing just the right amount of light. You slowly depress the shutter release and that magical shutter sound surrounds you, it’s all you hear.  And what seemed so very slow, meticulous, and time consuming, was just a moment in time, that now lasts forever.



bob dylan - 

"Now there's a certain thing..."

"Take care of all of your memories, for you can not relive them."